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Download BF3_PC_Server_R3_879322_Docs_ServerAdministrator

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documentation serveur pour BF3

Site officiel :
Some highlights:
- Remote admin protocol spec included
- lists of all maps
- lists of all gamemodes (and all maps can be used in all gamemodes)
- list of gameplay-affecting settings in the admin manual
- you can mix gamemodes in the maplist
- For BF3 PC, Normal / Hardcore / Infantry Only are umbrella names for a specific group of settings; details in the manual
- there is a section in the manual which describes how changing server settings affect filters and Quickmatch on Battlelog
- unranked mode is, well, "nearly working" so for the first few days after launch all servers will run ranked
- in ranked mode you can control all settings (but at some point we will enforce PB on, game-password off .. or similar)

One thing which requires some extra elaboration is player counts, gamemodes, and how those things work together.

When you rent a server from an RSP, you rent a certain number of slots. The RSP controls the max number of players on your server.

In addition, you can temporarily lower the number of slots below the RSP-enforced setting through a remote admin command.

Now. There is currently no mechanism that enforces that a given gamemode can have at most a given number of players... so you can in theory run any gamemode with up to 64 players.
Some game modes (such as Squad Rush) will probably not work very well if you set the limit higher than intended. Most will function. Some will become less playable because the matches get a bit unbalanced. But for instance running Team Deathmatch with a lot of players should not be a problem.

I will probably not be able to answer questions in this thread in a timely manner. However, things that you ask about here are things that we will try to cover in documentation updates.

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