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Configure the Server

These configuration procedures apply to both GoldSrc-engine servers (hlds.exe) and Source-engine servers (srcds.exe).

Launch Switches

Launch switches may be entered at the command prompt or saved with the hlds.exe or srcds.exe Windows shortcut. You may use as many launch switches as you would like, however, the switches must be entered correctly or your dedicated server will not start.

* -autoupdate - Automatically updates the server whenever updates are released
* -console - Starts the server in console mode (no GUI)
* -game - Indicates which game server to launch
* -ip - Sets the server IP if multiple IPs are available
* -port - Sets the port which the server will accept connections through (port 27015 will be used by default if no port is specified)
* +maxplayers - Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server
* +map - Sets the starting map

server.cfg Settings

A game server config file can be used to automatically execute set server console variables (CVARs) whenever the server is started.

Each game's server.cfg file can be found under the game's installation directory (this will be a subfolder named after the game's code under the installation directory specified when running HldsUpdateTool).

* hostname "yourhostname" - Enter yourhostname as the server name which you would like to appear players' server browser
* rcon_password "yourpassword" - Enter yourpassword as the secure password you would like to use to authenticate so you may change the server's configuration while logged in to play as a client
* sv_aim # - Set auto-aiming for players where # is 1 for "on" and 0 for "off"
* sv_cheats # - Set single-player cheat options where # is 1 for "enabled" and 0 for "disabled"
* sv_contact "" - Sets the administrative contact e-mail address
* sv_maxrate # - Set the maximum rate of bytes per second which the server is allowed to transmit where # is at minimum: 1000 / at default: 10000 / at maximum 25000
* sv_region # - Sets the region which your server will report as its location where # is:
o -1 - World
o 0 - US East Coast
o 1 - US West Coast
o 2 - South America
o 3 - Europe
o 4 - Asia
o 5 - Australia
o 6 - Middle East
o 7 - Africa

Please see the Server Settings topic for an extensive list of server commands.

HLDS Resource Management CVARS

Use the following CVARs to control how the HLDS/SRCDS manages resources.

* sv_allowdownload # - Set to 1 to load content on the client (maps, sprays, and related materials) and 0 to disable
* sv_allowupload # - Set to 1 to allow clients to upload custom sprays to the server and 0 to disable custom sprays
* hpk_maxsize # - Limits the file size of spray uploads from clients (range: .1 MB to 1.5 MB - set to 0 to allow any file size)
* sv_downloadurl - Use this setting to allow clients to use a different server to download content (this reduces the server load associated with clients downloading content) - set your in the format as directed in the Fast HTTP Downloading instructions
* sv_filetransfercompression # - Set to 1 to enable file compression on files sent from the gameserver to the client and 0 to disable
* sv_send_logos # - Set to 1 to allow the server to send custom sprays back to all players (sv_allowdownload must also be enabled) and 0 to disable sprays
* sv_send_resources # - Set to 1 to enforce the sending of secure resources (models) to clients and 0 to disable

Game Settings

You may also create custom config files and load them by using the exec CVAR (where
* Counter-Strike
o mp_timelimit - Use to set the number of minutes spent on each map
o mp_buytime - Use to set the amount of time players are allowed to buy/rebuy weapons before the round starts
o mp_startmoney - Use to set the amount of money players start the round with
o mp_c4timer - Use to set the detonation timer for C4 which has been planted
o mp_freezetime - Use to set how long players are frozen before being able to move at the beginning of each round


This file contains your servers "Message of the Day". You may include your contact information and website address in this file if you wish.

HTML code is allowed in this file.

Example motd.txt:

Welcome to my Counterstrike Server
Map Rotation For This Server:


This file contains the list of maps your server cycles through.

Example mapcycle.txt:


Fast HTTP Downloading

Users may download custom content from a web server over HTTP to reduce the resources and bandwidth required by your dedicated server. Fast HTTP downloading allows the SRCDS or HLDS to use all the available resources and bandwidth for hosted games.

1. Make a list of all the custom files (bsp, wav, mdl, etc) used on your server
2. Upload the files to a web server while keeping the directory structure intact
3. Optional: To display a banner image (for example, an image with the message "Content Hosting Provided By ...") upload a 340x56 pixel image to /gfx/banner.gif
4. Use the sv_downloadurl CVAR and set to http://// (where is the domain name which points to your web server and is the name of the directory which mirrors the custom content directory under your HLDS or SRCDS game installation folder)

If your web server is secured with Basic HTTP Authentication, use the format http://:@/ to add your HTTP username and password for authentication where and is the username and password combination for a web server account with read privileges for the content files

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