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Check out this awesome Battlefield 4 rocket launcher tip

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Check out this awesome Battlefield 4 rocket launcher tip
The SRAW rocket launcher actually allows the player to fire and guide multiple rockets at the same target.
Battlefield 4 has plenty of rocket launchers suited for all occasions. But the SRAW seems to be the most entertaining one, even if it’s due to bugs and glitches (just take a look at this video). The SRAW has a few tricks up its sleeve — for one, players can guide the rocket, which will always follow the crosshairs. What you probably didn’t know that a rocket that’s already been fired can still be guided, even if you’re in the process of actually firing a second rocket from the same rocket launcher.
As the video above shows, you can fire a SRAW rocket straight up into the air, reload, and fire the second rocket at your actual target. As long as you hold on the target, the first rocket (that you fired into the air) will come back down and hit the target.
In fact, depending on the range, you can actually fire two rockets into the air before aiming and firing the third one. It’s quite an interesting glitch in the game mechanics. Or maybe it’s a feature. Who knows at this point… Check out a video below where a player fires three rockets and gets three hits on a tank in one go.